A March across Powell, 23

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

After the fleet of early morning bass fishermen speeds past, I pack and launch into a tailwind. Ah, a blessed tailwind. But the one disadvantage of a tailwind is you don't feel it. Consequently, within minutes I'm too hot and have to pull out to shed some layers. Soon I'm down to just my t-shirt and I'm still too hot. With nothing else to take off I resort to dipping my hat in the water which cools off my head.

The channel today winds in a long, slow 'S' with steep, narrow walls. There are few spots to pull out and stretch my legs so by the time I reach the Rincon my lower back and hips are tight and stiff and my legs and feet are going numb. I struggle out of the boat and move slowly about the beach to recover. After 30 minutes of wiggling, massaging and stretching I feel mostly normal. I say 'mostly normal' because my left knee is still sore. I first noticed it this morning when I woke up and after several hours in the kayak it's worse. I'm limping significantly. I resolve to stop and get out of the boat more often. 

Sandstone No.4Sandstone No.4

After setting up camp, eating and resting I decide to wander around a bit. Tomorrow I'm planning to take a day off from paddling and I'm considering hiking to the rim above up the trail in the back of the Rincon. Maybe I can find the start of it today. I grab my camera, just in case, and head off.

I don't get far before I realize a) it's hot and I should have brought water, b) I find the start of the trail and c) my knee is too sore for this kind of abuse. I head back to camp circuitously, stopping at a few overlooks, one looking east, another west.  The views are nice so I resolve to come back for sunset, or sunrise, or both and head down to camp. 

Sandstone No.5Sandstone No.5

NOAA is forecasting another storm with high winds on Wednesday and Thursday. I was planning on hanging out here for a few days before heading into Bullfrog where I'm to meet Pippa on Saturday. Maybe I should rethink my plans.

Instead of a rest day tomorrow exploring the Rincon, which I wouldn't have been able to do anyway with my messed up knee, I'm going to move on and get to Bullfrog Bay before the cold front hits on Wednesday.  Hopefully I can find a spot on the west side of the bay where I can weather the storm, explore, hike, whatever, until Saturday.

At sunset I limp back up to the overlook and shoot some shots of the sunset. Later, back at camp, bugs--mosquitos, gnats and no-see-ums--start to eat me so I head off to bed and take the tent with me. This is the third time I've set it up and the only time it's been of any use.



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