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Tulip, Subject No.31, Study No.1Tulip, Subject No.33, Study No.1Tulip, Subject No.36, Study No.2Tulip, Subject No.37, Study No.1Tulip, Subject No.44, Study No.5Tulip, Subject No.52, Study No.1Rose, Subject No.18, Study No.1Tulip, Subject No.55, Study No.1Four 5s, Salt Lake City, UTDunkin Donuts: Coffee and More, Salt Lake City, UTUnited States Courthouse, Salt Lake City, UTTulip No. 34Introspection No.2Introspection No.4Dark Side of the Dune, White Sands National Monument, AZPollen Patterns, Provo, UTLava and Ferns, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HIIntruded Sandstone, Glen Canyon NRA, UTMoon and Clouds, Glen Canyon NRA, UTAbandoned Lawn Chair, Glen Canyon NRA, UT

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