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April 7th, 2020

The idea with stitching is simple: take multiple, overlapping images and aggregate them into a single larger image. 

This pair of images of the Hajar Mountains in Oman were one of my first (successful) attempts at stitching.

(Canon Rebel XSi, EF70-300 @ 300, 1/500s, f/6.7, ISO 100)

Here’s the final image with appropriate blending, cropping and contrast adjustments.

I suppose achieving such results might seem complicated; trying to align the images properly, get the exposure blending just right, etc. But it’s not; it’s just a couple of mouse clicks in Lightroom, a few more if you’re working in Photoshop, but all-in-all it’s trivial with today’s software options. (Lightroom and Photoshop aren’t your only options, there are a number of others; some free, some for purchase. Google is your friend.)

While the basic idea is simple, there are a number of things that can make the results less than satisfactory. I’ll address a few of those issues in my next few posts.